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Sep 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
the well. >> williams has another tough test as he goes another top- notch defense in mario williams. he finished last seen with nine sacks and already got one sack in just one game this year. the skins' offense knows what to watch out for. >> obviously the recognizable face on defense is obvious mario williams and the things he has been able to do over the years. he has established himself as one of the top pass rushers in the game. >> just watching the film great pass rushing, great in the running game. free strong. he uses his hands very well. so this will be another tough task. >> the place to be tomorrow is on your couch in your chair tuned into fox 5. at 11:30 a.m. we break down the skins texans game on the red skins pre-game. and at 1:00 the bears and you could boys. coming up on sports extra at 11:30 p.m. all of the red skins highlights and the post game reaction. >>> the capitals are one practice into their 36th training camp of their nfl history. players hit the ice at 10 a.m. broken up into three groups for scrimmages. all competing to win the duchane cup. this team has a chip
Sep 17, 2010 6:00am EDT
. they have a guy, mario williams. you know of him because way back when, he was the number one pick in the entire nfl draft in front of vince young, in front of reggie bush and at times the former redskins gm made this pick. he got run out of town in houston for making this pick. this guy has turned out it be a stud. he stops the run there. this guy is not an easy match- up. get guess would gets that. trent williams. here what is he had to say a bout -- mario williams. >> just watching film. s, a great pass rusher, using his hands very well. >> how about your first few weeks? >> hello. welcome to the nfl. >> he did well against ware. i like trent williams. i like his attitude and the way he is playing on the field. >> this is the guy they needed and if week one is any indication, what he did against demarcus ware. i said how would you assess your performance. >> you are never going to be i perfect 30 for 30 against demarcus ware but i think i held my season. absolutely. he didn't say yeah, i was great. he said i did the best i could. i think i did my best. he is going up against two
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
bowler demarcus ware this past sunday and now he will have to block mario williams and so far the coach thinks the kid is holding his own. >> i thought for trent's first game in the national football league he did a very good job. you can see his athletic ability both in the running game and passing game and to go against demarcus ware throughout the majority of the game was quite impressive. >> game 3 for maryland this saturday and here's hoping you enjoyed last weekend's 62-3 spanking against morgan state because it will not be that easy against west virginia. the mountaineers are ranked 21st in the nation at the moment, stand 2-0. maryland has lost their last four meetings against their neighbors to the rest and given recruiting implication and the possibility of going 3-0 this is a huge one. >> to play, you know, in a game as the more we win, the bigger the games get and i think this is a very good game for us -- very big game for us, i think we will learn about who we are after this game. >>> we are just three days away from the latest addition of -- this clip comes from jasmine k
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. third and 15. but mario williams, they meet at the quaerback. they stack manning knocking the colts out of feel goal range. fourth quarter, texas by 10. they rely on the rnning back area. this guy had a career day. he runs left thank you huge hole. 25 yards for the touchdown. he had 231 yards rushing on 33 carries. three touchdowns. they win 34-24. the lions' starter matthew stafford knocked out of the game. shawn hill trying to lead the comeback. lions down 5. he'll get pressure. calvin johnson who makes an unbelievable catch in the end zone for the apparent touchdown. the lions think they've won. wait a minute. take another look. johnson. it come down. he holds the ball with one hand. graces his fall. as he gets up, the ball comes out. as we watch it again, the rule states that you have to maintain control for the entire process of the catch. which by rule includes getting up with t ball. you can see it is touching the ground and as johnson gets up, he loses the ball. the play wasrevered. he is not very popular today in detroit. a controversial way for the bears to defe the lions, 14-
Sep 19, 2010 8:00am EDT
star despite being a number one overall draft pick, if that is possible. it is. and he is mario williams, once drafted before vince young and reggie bush. now that pick is looking good. now trent williams, the skins top pick this season, has looked like a budding star as well and he'll have the tough task of blocking supermario. their williams is a two-time pro-bowler. mcnabb has nothing to do with this. the casual fan might not know his name but the skins need to introduction. well we'll move on. trust me, they know who he is. but do we know about the maryland terrapins and west virginia? well we should buzz west virginia was -- because west virginia was 2-0. and maryland too. and already up 14-0 and smith going up top and oh, no, maryland would fall behind 28- 0. so this one is over right? well, maryland would make it game. watch this pass from rabin son up top. 80 yards all the way. but it was not enough. maryland loses for the first time this year, 31-17 in morgantown. >>> and look who is heating up the ice. yes, the caps are back. training camp is underway for the group, wh
Sep 19, 2010 7:00pm EDT
of scrimmage by mario williams. it'll be second and 10 for washington. coming up tonight on cbs, "60 minutes," followed by back-to-back episodes of "undercover boss" and then "c.s.i.: miami" all tonight, only cbs. graham gano won the award as the neigh's top kick for the 2008 from florida state he kicked in the u.f.l. second and 10 from washington. mcnabb. on a sideline pass. he connects with the rookie keiland williams out of l.s.u. zack diles the linebacker there they pick up three yards on the pass play. dan: hicks the right guard came up limping for that pass play. ian: right now, it would be a 52-yard field goal attempt for gano, washington with third and 7. in overtime. 7:30 to play. tied at 27-27. williams stays in there for the redskins. mcnabb to throw it. mcnabb, up in the air, too high for moss. what do you do if you're washington? same situation that gary kubiak just faced, except on the other side of the field. the same exact spot, dan. 52-yard field goal attempt, does mike shanahan send out gano? dan: yes, he does. if he misses it, there's going to be great field position. here
Sep 19, 2010 11:15pm EDT
quarter it's a williams battle, trent going up against mario. trent gets beat but also gets injured. a couple mayors fall on him. once he's -- players fall on him of once he's down he suffers an injured left foot, knee and left toe. the good news, trainers tested his acl on the field and passed the test. williams will undergo the mri tomorrow. for more on the injured pride of the team, here's our own lindsay murphy. >> reporter: 20-7, the halftime score and the most points the redskins have scored in a 1st half since week 16 back in 2007. the 2nd half was a different story and the result a stunning loss to the houston texans. >> that really hurts. that's coming from myself and a lot of other players. they escaped with a victory. they got lucky. i feel like they got lucky, that we let this one slip. >> reporter: there were multiple game changing plays. the biggest? andre johnson's 34-yard touchdown with 2:03 left in the game tying the score at 27. >> make the play. get my hand in between the ball, jump up, create havoc. maybe if he outjumps me, hit the ball out when he's coming down,
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
colaborado con el presidente uribe, me parece irresponsable. >> mario iguarán el fiscal fue quien inició este proceso. >> solo se espera que haya imparcialidad en el juicio para william parra. >> hacemos un llamado a las autoridades para que se la respete sus derechos a defensa durante el proceso. >> william parra sobrevivió a un atentado en su contra el 2 de mayo de 2005 >> no se ha documentado una orden de captura internacional. >> en bogotá colombia juan carlos a. >> en chile enviarán aire fresco a traves de una manguera a los mineros atrapados. >> hoy les hicieron llegar un proyector en miniatura, que transmitió el partido de chile contra ucrania. >> en honduras miles de obreros y campesinos exigierion que se apruebe el aumento del salaria de 15% >> la policía arrestó a un adolescente, luego que arrigada fuera atacado. >> se evalua a estados unidos para la candidatura de los proximos mundial. se encuentra en el país una delegacion de seis personas haciendo esta labor >> esta noche pandilleros de las maras siembran el terror en el salvador ,con panfletos amenazadores >> le tenemos
Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm PDT
exigieron cuatro mil dolares para liberar al niño, detuvieron a mario fernandez fernandez. >> la policía de vallejo detuvo a un hombre acusado de matar a su novia. >> se trata de william ubando de 39 años residente de vallejo, la policía lo detuvo anoche luego que confesara un crimen a un compañero de trabajo. >> se recibió la llamada de que alguien había sido asesinado cerca de un parque, se trataba del pick up de richie de 33 años, su cuerpo no estaba ahí. >> tenorio tambiñn dijo que en ese momento la policía comenzó a buscar como sospechoso a william ubando novio de la mujer. >> este hombre que no quiso ser identificado, vio como del vehículo salía sangre que luego formó un charco de sangre. >> yo paso en la mañana y siempre hay un policía aquí, me sorprendió mucho, nunca había visto algo así >> horas más tardes del condado de napa reportaron este cuerpo. >> el cuerpo estaba bajo la silla del copiloto de la silla de ubando, la habría matado con un bate de beisbol porque esta terminó con ñl. >> habría llevado el cuerpo donde un amigo, a quiñn confesó el crimen. >
Sep 7, 2010 4:30am EDT
at sports on "early today." i'm mario solis. >>> plus, a new york city marathon hopeful who is already a winner. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back in to "early today." i'm meteorologist scott williams. on this tuesday we are tracking tropical storm hermine as it continues to move inland across the lone star state. maximum winds at 60 miles per hour. it will continue to weaken as it does so. all in all we're expecting a lot of rainfall in texas and also parts of the south plains. look at the active radar right now. dallas, 86 degrees and warming up in the northeast. and if you're watching us in kprc in houston texas you might want to check out the event of the day. it's called two small pieces of glass at the center for arts and sciences in clute, texas. that's your "early today" vent. >>> they have decided to move on rather than once again relive the death of their son jet. at the family's "they have dropped the charges in the case of two defendants charged with trying to extort against john travolta. the first trial resulted in a mistrial. >>> elsewhere, gawker reports s
Sep 18, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. >>>. >>> vamos con william y la información deportiva. >>> qu palo gracias placer que esté aquí, anoche arrancó la fecha número 8 entre duelo y puma. >>> como comenzó con más tarde, sean amaba y con la ayuda de mario era gol del empate, mario servía para que puma buscara su primera victoria, pero a 5 del final, muero logró quedarse con un punto a atención hoy máquina de cruz azul mantuvo su derecho a ganar 3 acero a quertaro. >>> más noche atlantis monarca y mañan vamos a tener dos partido. >>> españ real madrid provocó toda una alegría en su llegada a san subas traía en juego correspondiente a la fecha número 3. >>> su tuvo que esperar hasta la segunda mitad para gritar el gol, fue ángel de maría, el argentino, la in vat pild de y kir ca suyas aprovechaba para poner el col del empato. >>> va wler que desviaba y gol ganó real madrid 2 - 1. >>> atención señoras y señor el equipo de arsenal enfrento a (...). >>> se anotaba el primer para el equipo de los más tarde aprovechaban para poner el gol de empate 1 - 1. >>> vamos convoy bol. >>> cardenales de san luis contra ku voy. >
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)